Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini brow lift before and after pictures

Before after picture of mini brow lift
showing increase in size of eye
Before after picture of mini brow lift
shown from oblique view
What is mini brow lift??
Mini brow lift is a kind of cosmetic surgery consisting of process of removing the scars, lines and dark spots from the forehead and also pulling or lifting up the eyebrows and tightening of loose skin.The surgery is completed with removing the spots and wrinkles and making small cuts on face. 

-It provides younger looks to facial expressions.
-It is faster process than normal brow lift surgery.
-Endoscope is not used in this surgery and it simply persistent process.
-This method includes less of surgical trauma and slighter incisions.
-Recovery after the mini brow lift is much quicker in comparison to normal surgery.
-The cost is very low as compared to full brow lift operation
- There are no signs of any side effects and infections.

-temporary effects like swelling and nerves damage.

More Before after photos

Before brow lift
After brow lift
Mini brow lift
works for men as well
Before after picture of mini brow lift shows
improvement of skin texture

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